Selection of Olympian Magazines

Olympian Monthly Magazine

I design and manage the production of a 48-page monthly magazine for our 10,000 members. I coordinate content collection, concept layouts for feature spreads, art direct photo shoots, and ensure that production stays on schedule.

The issue below celebrates the swim team winning their third straight national championship. I coordinated a photo shoot to highlight four players who excelled, showcasing their incredible athleticism and dedication and paired it with actual shots from the meet to tell the story.

For an issue celebrating the women’s soccer team’s third national championship, we did a photo shoot showcasing the grace and elegance of the women on the team. I edited the photos for this issue extensively and you can see a sample of my Photoshop work below.

One of the most exciting issues that I designed involved a photo shoot with the Olympic medalist Nathan Adrian. I art directed the photo shoot, placing him and his celebrated medals in our Club’s beautiful swimming pools.

Company: Olympic Club